You can clearly recognize him by his uniform, a bow tie, a shirt, a coat or jacket.
More about him!

MrCandlelight should be seen as a traveler or storyteller. As if someone had mentioned him before and as if he had appeared in a comic or book before. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THE NEXT STEP IS AND WHAT HE REALLY HAS IN MIND.

He wants to respond to different personalities, stories and situations. He practically plays different people; it seems like he does not have a true face but several personalities and facets.


He presents himself mysterious and is an elegant character.

But he also wants to show that we are all completely different, that everything is possible and feasible and that we need more perspectives to develop ourselves further. Maybe he would like to shock you a little bit, although you wouldn’t really expect him to do that. You never know what the next step is and what he really has in mind.
He presents himself mysterious and is an elegant character.

Moreover, he is always quite the sufferer and you feel pity and become sentimental very quickly. He can sometimes be relatively cheeky and rebellious, but is nevertheless polite, charming and courteous.

The roles he plays are a part of him, but also represent other people at the same time. He presents rather weaker people who can find themselves in him and feel heard.

He is a kind of leader of a group that never had the chance to be really heard and got a bit lost.

He carries this „candlelight“ with his music and leads people through the dark parts of life with his light.

He can be seen as a hero, but I think in reality he is more the one who is looking for a hero.



He is not here to explain something to people or make them worship him, that is not the focus. He shouldn’t be seen as a teacher, more like a safe space. It’s supposed to be a person who has a very distorted character and plays several people, just like in a video game he practically switches back and forth between these lives. As if a lot of people live in it.

Every song is always about a different person, but still played by MrCandlelight. It’s like he’s every single person but at the same time MrCandlelight and he becomes MrCandlelight by these characters and people.

It’s like a big play or a circus where he’s the director.

As if he was always part of a movie.

The music videos are like roles or simulation games, it’s always about MrCandlelight but always part of someone else’s story, as if he was trading lives with someone for a short time and picking up where someone else left off.